Structured Real Estate Development

At Summerside Capital, we identify and secure high quality real estate in early stage growth areas. We ensure that all our investments have a high probability to provide a secure return of capital, high asset appreciation and consistent positive revenue flow. We work closely with investors, cities and municipalities, private land and building owners, realtors, and developers requiring assistance.

The key aspects of our services are:

  • Acquire properties or become the development partner.
  • Create well-defined entry and exit strategies.
  • Explore options to maximize returns. Highest and best use of land or building.
  • Coordinate visioning process.
  • Create effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Explore financial options. Provide capital or arrange for syndicated offerings.
  • Excellent portal for real estate investors looking for well managed, cash flow opportunities.
  • Manage existing assets and explore opportunities for increasing value.
  • Create development budgets and manage the development process.
  • Introduce strategic partners to the project.
  • We assist companies to find land and buildings that strategically fit their real estate portfolio.

Our Investment Strategy

We utilize the research from demographic studies to track the movement of population and identify areas that are in the early stage growth phase of development. Many factors are considered when researching an area for investment. We incorporate a high quality team of seasoned real estate experts in all areas of visioning, urban planning, finance and marketing.

Our Investment Structures

We have achieved excellent results utilizing the following structures:


Summerside Capital acquires the project utilizing normal cash and bank facilities.

Joint Ventures

A joint venture is a business arrangement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task. We have utilized this arrangement many times with much success. In many instances the land or property owner lacks either the professional skill sets to develop the property or the capital to do so. We have an established track record and a proven formula which works to the mutual benefit of all parties.


The real estate syndication is a group of people who combine resources for the purpose of making investments in real estate. Syndicates are formed to hold real estate for income and/or for appreciation.

Limited Partnerships

The limited partnership can take many forms but a real estate limited partnership is one where they acquire property such as apartments or office buildings, shopping centers, industrial warehouses, and hotels and pass rental income through to the limited partners. If the properties appreciate in value over time, they can be sold the profit pass through to the limited partners. A general partner manages the partnership, deciding which properties to buy and sell and handling administrative duties, such as distributions to limited partners.

Strategic Alliances

A strategic alliance is defined as a long-term association between two or more organizations to share initiatives and resources for the purpose of gaining mutual competitive advantage. Summerside Capital prides itself on the alliances and relationships that it has formed and maintains.

Current Opportunities

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